Question: Are there any hidden fees not accounted for in your flat fee program?

Answer: No. In fact, depending on your needs we will add services not mentioned if doing so will help you.

Question: Why do most property management companies prefer not to take on single unit properties for leasing or managing?

Answer: Very simple answer, not enough revenue stream. A 15 or 20 unit building is far more profitable for them than a house, condo, or loft. They will need to charge a minimum of $250/month to $400/month to manage your condominium. Our minimum is $100/month

Question: How is the rent paid to the owner and when?

Answer: Once all rents are received and accounted for and any repair expenses along with the service fee is deducted – the balance is electronically deposited into your bank acct. usually by the 11th day of the month. Monthly statements are send out a week later.

Question: How are maintenance issues handled and how are they solved?

Answer: Tenants are orientated from the very beginning of the tenancy on this. They can call or text us right away 24×7 for emergency problems or can fill out a service request on-line for an issue that may not be important at that time but could get worse later on. We will also, at different times through out the year, do a property inspection to make sure everything is in proper order.

Question: Are the maintenance people you use employees of yours?

Answer: No. That could present a conflict of interest for the owner. In most cases we use licensed independent contractors/handy people that are available that same day and moment of the maintenance issue. And at costs lower than anyone could find on their own.

Question: With regards to the larger multi unit properties, how does your company make sure that all the building systems are in good repair and all certifications are completed on a timely basis?

Answer: We set up an Annual Calendar for monitoring maintenance and inspections on a monthly basis. This includes fire alarms, fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and fire escapes. We also check the apartments for working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms approximately every 6 months.

Question: How do tenants pay their rent and when is considered late?

Answer: Tenants are encouraged to pay the rent on line through our website and rent is due on the 1st or what ever is indicated on the rental agreement.

Question: How does your company deal with tenants who are habitually late on their rent?

Answer: That is a rare occurrence in our company. We work closely with the tenants to insure on time rent payments but there have been times when a tenant looses his/her job or sudden changes in their lives will result in late pays. This is unfortunate but action must be taken and we have attorneys that can assist as we don’t perform evictions or posting of notices as that can cause greater problems for the owner.